Mirren stars in new spy thriller

The Debt, starring Helen Mirren.
The Debt, starring Helen Mirren.

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NEW! The Debt (15)

(2h 18m)

Fri-Tue: 14:50, 17:50, 20:30. Wed: 17:50, 20:30. Thu: 14:50, 17:50, 20:30.

Exciting spy thriller starring Helen Mirren, Ciarán Hinds and Tom Wilkinson as Mossad agents looking back on their exploits of the 1960s chasing a Nazi war criminal in East Berlin.

ONE NIGHT ONLY! National Theatre Live – The Kitchen


Thu: 18:45.

ONE NIGHT ONLY! The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (12A)

(3h 30m)

Sun: 18:30.


Rolling Stones: Some Girls, Live in Texas (recorded)

(1h 45m)

Tue: 20:45.


The Tree of Life (12A)

(2h 29m)

wheelchair access

Tue: 10:30.

A rare chance to see reclusive director Terrence Malick’s fifth film in 40 years, an epic reflection on love and loss set in 1950s smalltown America. The cast includes Brad Pitt, Fiona Shaw, Jessica Chastain and Sean Penn.

Crazy Stupid Love (12A)

(2h 23m)

Fri: 15:00, 17:40, 20:20. Sat-Sun, 12:15, 15:00, 17:40, 20:20. Mon: 15:00, 17:40, 20:20. Tue: 15:00, 17:40. Wed: 15:00, 17:40, 20:20. Thu: 15:00.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (15)

(2h 32m)

wheelchair access.

Subtitled Sun: 17:20 & Tue: 14:30.

Fri: 14:30, 17:20, 20:10. Sat- Sun: 11:45, 14:30, 17:20, 20:10. Mon-Thu: 14:30, 17:20, 20:10.

Jane Eyre (PG)

(2h 26m)

wheelchair access

Fri-Tue: 14:20, 17:10, 20:00. Wed: 20:00. Thu: 14:20, 17:10, 20:00.

The Inbetweeners (15)

(2h 02m)


Fri-Wed: 18:00, 20:40. Thu: 15:10, 20:50.

The Smurfs 2D (U)

(1h 56m)

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Sat-Sun: 12:10.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 2D (12A)

(2h 25)

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Fri: 15:10. Sat-Sun: 12:00, 15:10. Mon-Tue: 15:10.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Roderick Rules (U)

(1h 54m)

Sat-Sun: 11:30.


Jane Eyre (PG)

(2h 16m)

wheelchair access

Tue: 10:40.


The Inbetweeners (15)

(1h 36m)

Showing Fri-Thu: 19:30.

This big screen adaptation of the TV sitcom set in a world of teenage shame, awkward moments and blunders is proving a massive hit.


Jane Eyre (PG)

(2h 00m)

Showing Fri-Thu: 19:30

After a bleak childhood, Jane Eyre (Wasikowska) goes out into the world to become a governess. As she lives happily in her new position at Thornfield Hall, she meets the dark, cold, and abrupt master of the house, Mr. Rochester (Fassbender).