Cinema: Latest releases at Harrogate, Wetherby, Thirsk

The Dark Knight Rises.
The Dark Knight Rises.

Harrogate Odeon

NEW! The Dark Knight Rises (12A)

(2h 16m)

wheelchair access: 13:30, 17:15, 22:45. Subtitled shows: Sun 17:15 & 16:15.

Fri-Sat: 12:30, 13:30, 16:15, 17:15, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:45. Sun-Wed: 12:30, 13:30, 16:15, 17:15, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00.

NEW! Dr Seuss’ The Lorax 3D (U)

(1h 26m)

wheelchair access

Sat-Sun: 11:45, 16:15.

NEW! Dr Seuss’ The Lorax 2D (U)

(1h 26m)

wheelchair access

Sat-Sun: 14:00.


Glyndebourne’s The Fairy Queen (PG)

(4h 10m)

wheelchair access

Sun: 18:00.


Mirror Mirror (PG)

(1h 46m)

Tue: 10:30.

Magic Mike (15)

(1h 50m)

wheelchair access

Thu: 15:20, 18:10, 20:50. Fri-Sat: 20:45. Mon-Wed: 20:45.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 3D (U)

(1h 33m)

wheelchair access 18:30 only.

Thu: 15:30, 18:00, 20:45. Fri: 13:00, 16:00, 18:30. Sat-Wed: 11:00, 13:00, 16:00, 18:30.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 2D (U)

(1h 33m)

wheelchair access

Thu: 14:30, 17:00. Fri-Wed: 12:00, 14:30.

The Amazing Spider-man 3D (12A)

(2h 16m)

wheelchair access

Thu: 14:00, 17:15, 20:20. Fri: 13:45, 17:30, 20:45. Sat: 17:30, 20:45. Sun: 20:45. Mon-Wed: 11:10, 14:15, 17:30, 20:45.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG)

(1h 32m)

wheelchair access

Sat-Mon & Wed: 10:10.

Rudding Park Hotel

Food & Flicks:

Film + meal at The Clocktower (6.30pm/8pm).

Monday, July 23:

Chariots of Fire (12)

Wetherby Film Theatre

Fast Girls (12A)

(1h 30m)

Showing Fri-Wed: 19:30.

When sassy streetwise Shania (Lenora Crichlow) meets ambitious, middle class Lisa (Lily James), their two worlds collide on the athletics track with explosive results.


Joyful Noise (PG)

(1h 58m)

Showing Fri-Wed: 19:30

Oscar® nominees Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton star in Joyful Noise, a funny and inspirational story of music and hope.


The Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists (U)

(1h 48m)

Showing Mon-Wed: 14.30

Ritz Cinema, Thirsk

Snow White and the Huntsman (12A)

(2h 07m)

Showing: Thu: 19:30.

Adaptation of the classic fairytale in which an evil queen sends a huntsman in search of her stepdaughter. With Chris Hemsworth and Kirsten Stewart.


Rock of Ages (12A)

(2h 03m)

Showing Fri-Wed: 19:30.

Musical based on the US stage show. With Tom Cruise, Russell Brand and an 80s soundtrack.