Blues Bar hosts UK Foo Fighters video shoot by Ont’ Sofa

The UK Foo Fighters' Jay Apperley on stage with Dave Grohl in Brighton.
The UK Foo Fighters' Jay Apperley on stage with Dave Grohl in Brighton.

By Graham Chalmers

Eight in the morning is a bit early for musicians to be on duty - or for a venue to be open - but then it’s not every day a music video is filmed in Harrogate.

Fast becoming as big as The Bootleg Beatles, the UK Foo Fighters may now be accustomed to playing 02 Academys but they haven’t forgotten their roots.

Which is why this amazingly successful tribute band chose to shoot the video for their new charity single at the Blues Bar this Saturday, March 14, in time for its iTunes release on Record Store Day.

Pop star by night, staff member at a Harrogate BMW dealership by day, frontman Jay Apperley said: “‘When Dave Grohl invited me to sing with the real Foo Fighters on stage last September in front of the world’s press, he changed everything. He didn’t have to do what he did, it wasn’t about him but he knew he was making my dream come true. Our new single is a way of helping people, to.”

Saturday morning’s shoot will see Jay and fellow band members Jamie Valentine (lead guitar), Arron Warner (bass) and Alex Bailey (drums) return to the sort of venue where their band began seven short years ago.

Ont’ Sofa’s Ben Davis and Jason Odle will be on hand to shoot the video as the UK Foo Fighters perform their version of Foo Fighters track In the Clear, taken from the Sonic Highways album.

Proceeds will go to two music-related charities which aims to offer disadvantaged youngsters access to concerts and musical skills - Given to Live and Leeds Music Trust.

Jay said: “This project is my way of celebrating our local music scene but more importantly, helping others to access live music, maybe even to meet their idols and make dreams come true. Just like Dave did for me.”