Silvertone strike gold with debut EP

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ANTHEMIC, bursting with energy and hooks, Silvertone don’t waste a single second on their superb debut release.

Not that hard rock and metal is really my forte. I once headbanged to Slayer in Leeds. I’ve seen Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden live and The Foos (obviously) and, er, Funeral for a Friend and. . .

Does that really cheapen what I mean when I say this is one of the best rock CDs I’ve ever reviewed by a local band.

Like Harrogate rockers Kasiuss, this emotionally-charged four-piece have a big sound, veering on the epic.

Unlike their talented colleagues, there’s no hint of Muse, more a fusing of the punky energy of Green Day and the sharp rock riffs of Foo Fighters.

In truth, lead singer James Weller, guitarist George Tyreman, bassist Jack Merideth and drummer Mike Turnbull sound younger than either of those two classic bands and probably have a whole list of their own influences beyond my lazy comparison.

Full of crashing crescendos and riff fusillades, it would be wrong to put the impressive nature of this stop-start, three-track EP recorded in Glasgow by a band from Knaresborough down purely to passion.

The lyrics show Silvertone to be thoughtful young men while the songs are perfectly arranged and perfectly paced.

Best of all, the scintillating guitar hooks come thick and fast and warmly melodic courtesy of George Tyreman.

From title track Alive to closer Survive Yourself, Silvertone ride the rise and fall of their own blazing energy, rolling with the punches with a natural sense of rock theatrics.

Fast and furious and poundingly exciting at times, there’s nothing startlingly original on display here but nor or is there anything anyone with any sense would want to change much.

Silvertone are simply being themselves and right now that’s more than enough.

Graham Chalmers

l Alive is available now from Itunes and Amazon and the band’s online shop at

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