Review: These Young Sons - teenage sensations!

NADV 1302132AM6 AMP Awards. These Young Sons. (1303132AM6)
NADV 1302132AM6 AMP Awards. These Young Sons. (1303132AM6)

Review by Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

These Young Sons:

One More Time (EP).

I thought at the time These Young Sons’ brand of teenage kicks deserved better at the AMP Awards final at the Royal Hall earlier in the year.

Given the unenviable job of opening the evening’s proceedings, these Ripon Grammar School students’ brash mix of punk, metal, pop and 70s hard rock blazed with self-confident energy and non-stop hooks.

But could David Bates, Zander Paterson, Tom Beaumont and Rory Cunningham repeat the trick in the studio?

The answer is an emphatic and, bearing in mind they’re aged a mere 15-years-old, a slightly surprising ‘yes’.

Not that the band are startlingly original but it’s hard to hold that against them when all four tracks on this EP are so good.

Memorable lead guitar lines, big riffs, thumping drums, driving bass, melodic vocals, catchy choruses.

Playing throughout with tightness and swagger the last track, Vacancy is as good as the first, In Ten Years, and both run the title track close.

These Young Sons are pop and they’re fun but they really rock.

The arrangements are flawless throughout. Not a second is wasted.

A tonic for jaded ears.

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