Hot diggity - exciting blues-rock coup for Blues Bar

Jared James Nichols.
Jared James Nichols.

By Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

Harrogate’s Blues Bar has another coup coming up this weekend in the shape of an awesome young rock-blues musician who’s making waves in the USA.

Jared James Nichols may just be 22 but this exciting blues power singer, songwriter and guitarist is already setting the LA music scene alight.

This big talent is about to play this tiny but legendary venue this Sunday evening in a new showcase called Six String Social.

Hosted by a young talent of a different hue - Dave Hanson from Leeds’ fast-rising The Dunwells who are on the verge of a national breakthrough - expect the Blues Bar show to feature Jared playing tracks from first studio EP Old Glory and The Widl Revival (produced, incidentally, by Warren Huart of Aerosmith and The Fray fame) - plus songs from his forthcoming debut album.