Gig Scene - new single, HMV show & Monteys gig by The Wilde

Indie rock band The Wilde who are playing Picnic in the Park at this year's feva.
Indie rock band The Wilde who are playing Picnic in the Park at this year's feva.

By Gig Scene Editor Graham Chalmers

I’m wild about The Wilde. They’re the newish local band who won the Bottom of the Bottle battle of the bands at Rehab in Harrogate earlier in the year.

When I say wild about them, that’s a bit of an exaggaeration.

But I do like them - and that’s because they are a bit wild. Rock n roll shouldn’t be totally clean and and the fact The Wilde aren’t yet the ‘finished article’ is part of the appeal for me.

For those reasons – plus bags of hooks and harmonies and energy – I really enjoyed the band when I last saw msssr Tommy Fleming (vocals), George Tyreman (lead guitar, Josh Gotting (rhythm guitar, Jack Meredith (bass), Mike Turnbull (drums) on stage.

Mind you, since that was a while ago, I dare say this promising rock band may have evolved.

We’ll soon find out for The Wilde have just released their new single which Harrogate’s HMV are playing in store all next week.

Called Growing Pains, it’s available now via the band’s Bancamp page which you can find at

More excitingly, next Monday The Wilde will be releasing the music video for the single at

If you want to see The Wilde in real 3D, however, you will have to wait until Friday, November 8 when they hold their Growing Pains launch party at Monteys Rock Café in Harrogate.

Actually, you can also catch the band playing an acoustic set outside HMV next Wednesday, November 6 at 1pm.

Of all the many free music nights I organized under the Charm banner in the noughties, one of my favourites was by gloomy Leeds post-rock band ILIKETRAINS.

I booked them after seeing them at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club where their dark, atmospheric setlist of songs from debut album Progress Reform came complete with Super 8 film projections.

The band were like Faith-era The Cure if Robert Smith had wanted to be Nick Cave with songs about great British tragi-heroes from the past 200 years – Scott of the Antarctic etc.

Of course, when this five-piece in 1970s British Rail uniforms played the Blues Bar the bloomin’ projector wouldn’t work.

Then the power blew up. Then if blew up again. Signal failure. Eventually I had to announce the premature end of the show in the darkness without a microphone.

Altogether, ILIKETRAINS can’t have managed to perform more than five tracks right through.

It was disappointing at the time but, in retrospect, the night’s descent into darkness and ‘failure’ was the perfect reflection of what the band was all about.

Of course, I Like Trains have changed a lot since then, (including dropping all those capitals). And it’s been mostly for the better in my book. They are a far better band now than they were then, especially live.

But the band haven’t forgotten those early days. In fact, they’re celebrating them with a 10th anniversary bash at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club on December 12.

For one night only they will be performing their debut album Progress Reform in full for the first time right through – as long as the power doesn’t blow up.

Incidentally, to mark the occasion, Fierce Panda will be reissuing it in a limited edition (500 copies) in heavy weight vinyl.

Check out the Iliketrains

Fans of rootsy local musician Jon Palmer might like to know that a recent live video of himself and his band (which includes Area 40’s Wendy Ross on fiddle) has been posted on YouTube. It was recorded at Otley Folk Festival earlier in the year.

There’s always plenty of excuses to don fancy dress at Hallowe’en and now there’s an extra one.

Moko Lounge club in Harrogate is holding Knee Deep v DUSK - a Hallowe’en DJ special tonight, Thursday from 11pm to 6am.

It’s good to see Harrogate Jazz Club back in action thus letting Harrogate Brasserie off the hook as the only live jazz venue in town.

The jazz club’s latest monthly night takes place next Tuesday, November 5 at 8.30pm at The Balcony at Harrogate Cricket Club when vocalist Kate Peters will join the Rich Jevons Band.

Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches may have been the high water mark of the ‘baggy’ era for many but I always preferred the Happy Mondays album which came before it – the much rawer Bummed with its samples from cult 60s film Performance and lovely, sleazier guitar riffs.

Now Shaun Ryder and co are about to tour that album on the 25th anniversary of its release.

Joining them on their jaunt across the UK will be fantastic semi-psychedelic indie band Sulk who feature two ex-Harrogate musicians Jon Sutcliffe and Andrew Needle in their line-up. Having launched their excellent debut album Graceless in London earlier in the year, Sulk will now be appearing with Shaun Ryder and co at the likes of Leeds 02 Academy (November 30) and similar venues in Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol and more.

You might remember Sulk from a stunning show they played at Monteys in Harrogate with excellent London band Dark Bells in May.