Ex-Bay City Roller takes Bull by horns

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I NERVOUSLY applied the last dash of lip gloss before venturing inside The Black Bull, eager to see the man who has been my idol since I was 13.

Now, somewhat older in years, but no less an adoring fan, I could feel the butterflies growing inside. Can this really be real, would I still feel the same about this gorgeous, yet unattainable man I’d adored from afar for so long?

In no time, I was 13 again, lost in the memories of the most precious, happy time of my life, being a Bay City Roller fan.

But, Eric had ‘grown up’, as we had too, and what a amazing night was had by everyone, as we listened to songs, old and new, bringing new memories into our lives.

This is a talented man, whose music touches deep within the soul, with thought provoking words, and an almost haunting, addictive sound that compels you to listen, combined with the fiddle he plays so well, that even non BCR fans couldn’t fail to be impressed!

Mixed tracks from his forthcoming new album with the occasional song from ‘back in the day’ such as Shang A Lang, just to remind us of why we originally came tonight, but very quickly, soon became apparent, that we would be seeking Eric Faulkner for his new music, too

On what was the first live music event staged in the pub since new owners Kate and Pete Parker took over in November, the audiance sang, clapped and joined in to make the night a most memorable evening.

Carol Sanderson