Boomtown Rats to serve up a tonic for RipleyBlues

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Bob Geldof may have taken the lion’s share of the limelight but the Boomtown Rats were more than a one man band. Guitarist Garry Roberts and drummer Simon Crowe were there from the start, appearing on all six of this 70s and 80s hit band’s original albums and all the hits, from Looking no 1 to Banana Republic.

Crowe even co-wrote hit number Like Clockwork off the classic A Tonic for the Troops album.

RipleyBlues gives you the chance to see the guys in action this Saturday night with a live version of the Boomtown Rats which has been winning rave reviews for capturing the vibrant spirit of the band’s shows from the New Wave era.

One reviewer said: “Anyone who suggests Garry Roberts and Simon Crowe stayed on a ship that sunk long ago or that a no Bob outfit is a two bob outfit obviously hasn’t seen this line up live. They generate an energy and atmosphere anyone who ever did the Rat as a teenager must have lamented as long gone.”

Appearing at Ripley Town Hall, expect tracks like: Rat Trap, Looking After Number One, Mary of the 4th Form, I Don’t Like Mondays, She’s So Modern, Diamond Smiles and Like Clockwork.

Tickets £12 members?£15 non-members from

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