108 Fine Art to welcome the amazing Edwyn Collins

Edwyn Collins
Edwyn Collins

INSPIRATIONAL musician Edwyn Collins and famed artist Adrian Wiszniewski of The New Glasgow Boys are teaming up for a very special art exhibition with 108 Fine Art gallery in Harrogate.

It is hoped the exhibition, on Saturday, July 23, will be previewed by an exciting private viewing including a performance by a quintet from the Scottish Philharmonic Orchestra, who recently worked with Wiszniewski on a narrated version of La Befana.

The artistic director is also expected to arrange several versions of Edwyns Collins hit songs including the worldwide 1994 chart smash A Girl Like You.

The incredible Edwyn Collins, who has battled back from a stroke in 2005, has also agreed to play at this inaugural event, part of the Harrogate International Festival Fringe.

Although Wiszniewski work is mainly figurative in oils while Collins focuses on drawings of birds, the pair are linked by more than just their Scottishness and expertise with colour.

During the late 1970s Glasgow became the hub of a burgeoning new and exciting music and art scene.

At the time Edwyn Collins worked during the day as an illustrator of urban bird life with Glasgow Parks Department, and at night his band practiced in a room next to the young painter Adrian Wiszniewski.

Edwyn’s legendary band Orange Juice soon came to enjoy great success with hits including Rip It Up and Adrian Wiszniewski became a key figure within with a group of emerging young figurative painters ‘The New Glasgow Boys’.

Since the early 1980s both Adrian and Edwyn have led extremely diverse and successful international careers and in recent times these two remarkable and truly inspirational artists have achieved a new level of creativity and energy.

In May 2009, Edwyn Collins was presented with the Ivor Novello Inspiration Award in recognition of his struggles following a double brain hemorrhage in 2005, which left him partially paralyzed and only able to say his wife’s name, the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’.

Since then, Edwyn has flourished in art and music with a new album, Losing Sleep featuring some of his art on the cover.

l The Possibilities Are Endless: Paintings and Drawings by Adrian Wiszniewski and Edwyn Collins, July 23-August 27

108 Fine Art, 1 Crown Place, Harrogate plus 16 Cold Bath Road, Harrogate. www.108fineart.com