Knaresborough attraction to feature on ‘Weekend Escapes with Warwick Daivs’

Warwick Davis and his family visit Mother Shipton's Cave (s)
Warwick Davis and his family visit Mother Shipton's Cave (s)

Mother Shipton’s Cave in Knaresborough is set for its 15 minutes of fame when it is featured on an ITV programme on Friday at 8pm.

As part of the popular programme ‘Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis’, the TV star visited the North Yorkshire attraction in August 2014.

Whilst visiting with his family for the second series of the show, Knaresborough’s resident medium Caroline Bruce was on hand to perform a reading.

During their visit Warwick and his family were taken on a guided tour along the historic Beech Avenue, planted by Sir Henry Slingsby in 1739, who boast one of the largest collections of Beech trees in the UK.

After the guided tour, Warwick and his family are greeted by Igraine Hustwitt Skelton, the keeper of the Queen’s Ravens which are housed at Knaresborough Castle.

Fiona Martin, owner of Mother Shipton’s Cave, said she was thrilled to have Warwick visit the park and was excited to see it feature on the programme.

She said: “Although it had been a long day filming, they all still managed to be great fun and totally embraced the mystery and wonder that is Mother Shipton’s.

Warwick and his lovely family are welcome back to the park whenever they like. It was a pleasure having them and I cannot wait to see the park in all it’s glory.”