Harrogate considered for new reality show

NADV 1407151AM2 Montpellier Hill. (1407151AM2)
NADV 1407151AM2 Montpellier Hill. (1407151AM2)

Harrogate is being considered as a location for a ‘constructed reality show’ the Advertiser has been told.

It has long been rumoured that a Made in Harrogate style reality TV show is on the cards but before you start practising your awkward pauses, it is worth remembering that Harrogate is just one of several town’s being considered.

Scouts are on the lookout for the perfect location in the North of England. “We’ve cast the net very far and very wide and it is still very early days,” said a production team member. “I can see why people do want to film in Harrogate though, it is a lovely place.”

The last time rumours of a reality TV show surfaced thousands of Advertiser readers got in touch to let us know their thoughts.

Matt Hall said: “This would be the worst thing ever that could happen to the town!” While on Twitter, @KellyGGrassam posted: “I can just see it now... Vipers regrets over baltzersens brunches and Society gossip over Bettys afternoon tea. Please no!?”

Montpellier Street is set to star in an upcoming Hollywood movie after it was transformed into a Swiss street for a film shoot in November.

Hollywood filmmakers filmed a car chase shoot out scene for upcoming action film, Hunters Prayer.

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