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Eating Out

Whitelock's and The Turk's Head Beer Festival returns in Leeds for fourth year

Following three hugely successful events, Whitelock's and The Turk's Head Beer Festival is making its return for a fourth year, bringing all manner of rare and delicious beers to the city.

One of the world's hottest cheeses is available in Yorkshire and it's 300 TIMES hotter than Jalapeños

If you like your food hot, then this could a new item to add to your shopping list.
How will you be celebrating World Chocolate Day?

Where to celebrate World Chocolate Day in Leeds

Not that those of us with a sweet tooth need an excuse to indulge, World Chocolate Day presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy all things cocoa without feeling guilty.
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Alcohol consumption can cause dehydration to happen more easily

The alcoholic drinks which put you at most risk of dehydration

The scorching summer heatwave isn't something we're particularly accustomed to here in the UK, so naturally everyone is keen to make the most of the sunshine while it sticks around.

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Warburton's, the country's largest producer of crumpets, have halted production at two of their plants due to the CO2 shortage

Crumpets, beer and chicken: All the things we're running out of thanks to the heatwave

Crumpets have become the latest casualty of the carbon dioxide crisis, with the UK set to face a shortage as food and drink producers are forced to halt production.
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Marcelo Bielsa was pictured today with a traditional caffeine-rich drink known as mate

5 places to try mate, the caffeine-rich drink favoured by Marcelo Bielsa in and around Leeds

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot Leeds United new manager's curious drink of choice as he settled into his new office at Thorpe Arch training ground earlier today.

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How many festivals will you be attending this summer?

The essential festival guide to summer in Leeds

With summer now in full swing, festival season is well and truly upon us and Leeds is brimming with exciting events to look forward to over the coming months.

Morrisons launch £5 'Volcanic Vindaloo' ahead of England's first World Cup clash said to be TWO HUNDRED times hotter than tabasco

Yorkshire-based supermarket giant Morrisons is claiming to have developed the 'hottest ever supermarket curry' which is said to include a chilli TWO HUNDRED times hotter than a Jalapeño.

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How many of these Yorkshire eateries have you visited?

Where to sample the best comfort food in Yorkshire

Sometimes we all need a bit of comfort food to perk ourselves up.

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Heinz Salad Cream could be about to become Sandwich Cream

Food giant Heinz is considering changing the name of its Salad Cream for the first time in 104 years to Sandwich Cream because few customers actually use it on salads.

Urgent recall issued by Tesco, Aldi and Nisa after METAL found in sausage rolls

Pastry products sold at major supermarkets are being urgently recalled following the discovery of metal in some items.

Leeds Food and Drink Festival: The stalls to visit and photos from this weekend’s tasty event

Millennium Square transformed into a food lover's paradise on Friday as the eighth annual Leeds Food and Drink Festival made its return today.

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Tasty treats in store as Leeds Food and Drink Festival returns to Millennium Square TODAY

June 1-3 will see the eighth annual Leeds Food and Drink Festival return to the city, as a splendid showcase of some of the city’s finest food and drink takes place in Millennium Square.

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9 of the tastiest places for BBQ food in Leeds

Hot weather and barbecue food go hand in hand.

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Where to celebrate National Vegetarian Week in Leeds

May 14-20 marks National Vegetarian Week, a seven day celebration showcasing the benefits and pleasures of meat-free dining.

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Black Sheep Brewery was founded by Paul Theakston in 1992 in Masham, North Yorkshire

Beers of Yorkshire: The 8 popular beers which hail from the region

Beer is one of the nation’s favourite tipples and is enjoyed by many around the UK. From real ale, to pale ale to the old classics, beer can be enjoyed in the sun, when out for a meal, or just in the comfort of your own home.
The Pass Podcast launched in May 2017 and now boasts more than 30,000 subscribers

Leeds foodie podcaster cooking up a storm with hit chef series

A Leeds-based podcaster is cooking up a storm in the hospitality industry after securing some of the country's leading chefs to discuss their lives and works on the increasingly popular series.
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Unbeknownst to some, Yorkshire is a hotspot for cider production.

Yorkshire's unknown orchards: The popular ciders you may not know hail from the white rose county

Cider is the tipple of choice for many around the UK, but unbeknownst to some, Yorkshire is a hotspot for cider production.

Yorkshire has a few select vineyards which make delicious wine enjoyed by many, both in the UK and overseas

Yorkshire’s hidden wine industry: The vineyards right on your doorstep

Wine is one of the most popular tipples all over the globe and although this may be surprising to some, Yorkshire has a few select vineyards which make delicious wine enjoyed by many, both in the UK and overseas.

Yorkshire has a wide array of bakeries which serve everything from fresh bread, to cookies and cakes, to pastries and pies

9 of the best bakeries in Yorkshire according to Tripadvisor

Traditional bakeries have been around for some time and there are a wide variety of popular bakeries, large and small, rural and suburban, all over the UK. Yorkshire has a wide array of bakeries which serve everything from fresh bread, to cookies and cakes, to pastries and pies.
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