Did you know that these 36 everyday phrases were created by Shakespeare?

April 23 marks the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death (and potentially his birth, although the exact date of this remains unknown). With this comes the remembrance and celebration of his life and the distinguished works for which he is known by to this very day.
Queen Elizabeth II turns 92 today, but her birthday wont be publicly celebrated until June 9, her second birthday of the year

Queen Elizabeth II: Did you know these 20 unusual facts about our monarch?

Queen Elizabeth II turns 92 today, but her birthday won’t be publicly celebrated until June 9, her second birthday of the year. This is a time when the nation will be looking back at the Queen’s reign and celebrating her life and achievements, but did you know these unusual facts about our monarch?

Wool Stories: The Felted Mill features an eye-catching collection of textile creations inspired by and paying tribute to the citys industrial heritage.

Leeds Industrial Museum exhibits new material masterpieces inspired by the city’s industrial heritage

Leeds Industrial Museum have just unveiled a new exhibition named ‘Wool Stories: The Felted Mill’, which features an eye-catching collection of textile creations inspired by and paying tribute to the city’s industrial heritage.

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According to science there is a correct procedure for making a good cup of tea, but  there are a variety of different methods out there, so which is the best way to make a proper cuppa?

Which is the correct way to make a proper cuppa?

It’s well known that Yorkshire folk love a good cup of tea, but everyone has their own methods of what they think makes the ‘perfect cuppa’.
Sikhs from the Gurdwara Temple taking set off for the Vaisakhi Parade from the temple into Leeds City Centre

The Vaisakhi Parade returns to Leeds this April celebrating the Sikh creation of the Khalsa

On April 21, the highly attended annual Vaisakhi Parade, which has become a regular highlight of Leeds’s cultural calendar, will travel through the streets of Chapeltown before landing at Millennium Square in the heart of Leeds City Centre.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is the largest charity that saves lives at sea

The RNLI: Why we should be thankful for the lifeboat charity that saves lives at sea

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is the largest charity that saves lives at sea, doing so not only around the coasts of the UK, but the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, alongside some inland waterways.

Yorkshire is home to an array of unusual and quirky museums

12 of Yorkshire's most unusual and quirky museums you need to visit

Soak up some history at one of these unusual museums around Yorkshire, where a host of fascinating artefacts and displays await to be discovered.

One of the nation's favourite tipples, gin, will be the focus of a talk held at Leeds City Museum

Love gin? Discover the fascinating history of this beloved tipple at Leeds City Museum

It’s widely known that the UK’s love of gin keeps on growing, and with this so does the gin market. Today, there are hundreds of different gins available to buy, ranging from classic gin to new, extravagant flavours, and we just can’t get enough of it.

Yorkshire Dance will roll out a host of programmes to help benefit those affected by Parkinson's

Yorkshire Dance to celebrate Parkinson's Awareness Week with special new programme

In honour of Parkinson's Awareness Week, Yorkshire Dance is calling for people living with Parkinson's to join them this weekend as part of an exciting new training programme.


The strangest and most unusual UFO sightings in Yorkshire

Numerous places around the UK have had multiple UFO sightings over the past few years and with Yorkshire seeing more and more apparent sightings, it now believed that Yorkshire is the top place in the country to see UFOs.
Thornborough Henges dates back to over 5,000 years ago. Photo by Dave MacLeod, English Heritage.

Thornborough Henges: The history behind Yorkshire’s 5,000 year old monument

Located near the village of Thornborough, nearby to the town of Masham in North Yorkshire, Thornborough Henges is a prehistoric monument which dates back to over 5,000 years ago.

Whitby Abbey is one of North Yorkshire's most renowned heritage sites

10 of Yorkshire’s most magnificent Heritage sites

World Heritage Day will take place on April 18, an international day which globally celebrates renowned monuments and sites around the world.

New display at Leeds City Museum pays tribute to local RAF servicemen who fought during WW1

New display at Leeds City Museum pays tribute to Yorkshire's WW1 flying heroes

A new museum display put together by two young history enthusiasts is now being exhibited at Leeds City Museum, as part of commemorations for the centenary of the RAF.

Harrogate's annual Spring Flower Show returns once again this spring, from April 26-29

Harrogate’s Spring Flower Show: The annual horticultural event returns once again this April

Harrogate’s popular annual flower show will be returning again this April, bringing the town alive with all things floral.
St.George became England's patron saint in the 14th century

St.George: The legendary history of England’s patron saint

Every April 23, England celebrates it patron saint, St. George, a man who fought with dragons and died fighting for what he believed in. His past is wide and varied, but who exactly is the legendary man whom we celebrate annually and how did he become our patron saint?

Today is April Fools Day... but what does it mean and why do we do it?

April Fool’s Day: The history behind the trickery

For many people around the world, April 1 means one thing and one thing only… April Fool’s Day.

Captain Cook was a renowned British navigator

Captain Cook: Everything you need to know about Yorkshire’s renowned navigator

Captain James Cook was a renowned British explorer, navigator and cartographer, born in Marton, Middlesbrough. He became widely renowned after he made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, his efforts still being recognised today.
Temple Newsam's beer exhibition will celebrate its intriguing beer and brewing past

Cheers to Beers: Temple Newsam opens its doors to new beer exhibition

This Saturday, March 24, Temple Newsam will launch its brand new exhibition, which solely focuses on the subject of beer.

Scarborough's 'Books by the Beach' embraces both literature and the seaside

Books by the Beach: Scarborough's Seaside Literature Festival

April 11-15 will see the seaside town of Scarborough celebrate literature with their aptly named ‘Books by the Beach’ event.

The renowned Bront family created their own fantasy worlds which subsequently influenced their writing

The secret stories of the Brontës: The magical fantasy worlds which made the family famous

The renowned Brontës, a literary family who hail from Haworth, West Yorkshire, are widely known for their array of intensely emotional, wildly romantic literary classics.

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