VIDEO: Golf Tips - Session 18 - Bunker Shots

Wetherby Golf Club’s Mark Daubney hosts the latest of his golf tips and shows golfers how to play out of the sand.

This week, Mark says: “Most people fear going in a bunker but it is actually one of the easiest shots in golf to be competent at.

“A golf ball goes a long way because it and the club are hard, learn to hit the sand behind and under the ball and you place a soft cushion between the two hard surfaces resulting in the ball not going overly far.

“If you then make sure you follow through the ball has to come out on the bed of sand so, it has to come out but can’t go far. Voila, you have the perfect greenside bunker shot.”

Any questions, tweet Mark at @proshopwetherby or sport reporter Ed White at @EdWhite2507.

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