VIDEO: Golf Tips Session 16 - How to get into golf

Wetherby Golf Club course professional Mark Daubney provides his latest golf tip.

Mark says: “People tend to think golf is an elitist sport.

“Not so long ago it was, but now it is all-inclusive and not as expensive as many think.

“A great way to get involved is to join classes at your local club, not only will you learn the game but you will also meet like-minded people in the same position, golf wise, as you.

“As you progress you will have some golfing buddies from day one. From there either join a club or try it out on a pay as you play course. Go on, give it a go, it`s great fun and excellent exercise.”

Next week: Playing in the sand

Any questions, tweet Mark at @proshopwetherby or Ed at @EdWhite2507.

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