Tour de France: Doublet welcome visitors

The team behind producing the finishing line of the first stage at West Park gave the Harrogate Advertiser a behind the scenes insight into their work.

Doublet, the official technical partner of Le Tour de France since 2002, produces, installs and derigs the finish lines of each stage of the Tour.

Doublet team welcome visitors to Harrogate

Doublet team welcome visitors to Harrogate

The team arrived from France yesterday (Wednesday July 2) and have already been hard at work on the last 30 kilometres of the first stage in Harrogate.

As the 14 ‘men in blue’ prepared to install the safety barriers and road graphics, Jean-Baptiste Debonte explained how excited he was to be working in Harrogate.

He said: “Harrogate is great, it looks like a really nice place and I’m looking forward to visiting the town centre.

“We have 60 people on the team but only 14 of us here at the moment and we’re going to be sleeping on the team bus for the next three days.”