Netball success for HLC squads

Netballers from Harrogate Ladies’ College have been shooting to success in recent matches, with the U-12s and U-13s teams achieving outstanding victories.

The HLC U-13s team had the edge on Ashville College in a nail-biting match, which saw the girls push themselves into the lead beating their rivals 3-2. They had a more comfortable win against The Mount recently with a 10 – 4 victory.

The accomplished U-12s team have also demonstrated excellent netball skills, and already this season they have played 13, won 11, drawn one and only lost one match.

HLC’s netball teams enjoy a huge amount of success in the local league. The U-14s team has been particularly successful over the last two seasons, winning the North Yorkshire County Tournament in 2010 and qualifying for the regional round of the National Schools’ Netball Competition. This year, as U-16s, they were runners up in the Harrogate District Tournament.

HLC’s Director of PE, Nicky Butters, said: “The girls’ achievements in recent matches has been really impressive. We have a strong tradition of sporting excellence within the School which extends throughout a variety of sports.

“The netball teams have really progressed in recent months and are performing brilliantly. We are all looking forward to our future matches.”