Golf Tips: Session Two, The art of good practice

Mark Daubney
Mark Daubney

Wetherby Golf Club professional Mark Daubney hosts the second of his golf tips being published in the Harrogate Advertiser series.

In this week’s session, Mark looks at the art of good practice.

He says” Most golfers will go down to the range a beat a load of balls, usually with their driver, yet the area they should practice most is the short game.

“It is hard to teach someone to hit the ball another 30 yards and be more accurate but it is relatively easy to shave shots off around the greens.

“Practice doesn’t make perfect but it does make permanent.

“This allows you to know what is likely to happen and for your coach, if you have lessons, to know what to work on as you have a repeating action.

“Next week: Putting distance control”

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