Golf Tips: Session One, Posture is king

Wetherby Golf Club professional Mark Daubney hosts the first of his golf tips being published in the Harrogate Advertiser series.

In this week’s session, Mark chats through a golfer’s posture.

He says: “Posture is king.

Poor posture will make it hard for you to perform an athletic golf swing, increasing your chances of miss hits, loss of distance and even injury.

The key to getting good posture starts with your pelvic floor, or hip area and getting this at a good angle helps to engage the core and create connection throughout the body.

To get this right imagine someone is pulling your belt up at the back and the buckle is dropping down, done correctly you should feel your tummy muscles tighten.

“You will now be more athletically set and ready to go.”

Watch the video for full guidance.

Tune in next week for Mark’s expert session on the art of practice.