Why Jimmy Beadle quit Scarborough Athletic for Tadcaster Albion title tilt

Hot shot: Jimmy Beadle scoring a penalty for Scarborough against Ossett Albion
Hot shot: Jimmy Beadle scoring a penalty for Scarborough against Ossett Albion

Jimmy Beadle has revealed that a number of reasons influenced his shock decision to leave Scarborough Athletic for Tadcaster Albion.

The midfielder is struggling to commit to the travelling to training, but that wasn’t the only factor.

He said: “I’m excited by the chance of going to Tadcaster. I think they have a massive chance of winning the league and going to Wembley, which is all I wanted to do when I was a kid.

“I’ll get chance of playing with Josh (Greening) again, I know what he is capable of .

“I didn’t think Scarborough would be any good for me. It has been hard travelling to Hull twice a week, maybe I just needed a fresh challenge.

“Things are going to be much simpler for me there.

“I’ll miss playing for my home-town club, but that club aren’t playing in my home town at the moment.

“I get on with all the lads in the squad, but 15 of them are from Hull, so I don’t have that much affiliation with them.

“They are friends, but I don’t really feel a big part of the group.”

Beadle believes that there’s a good chance of him returning to Boro in the future.

He added: “I’m 100 per cent committed to Tadcaster now, but when my home town club play in my home town again then it will be more than likely that I’ll come and play for them.

“People are getting carried away with the ground happening, but I’ve seen this before. When they are playing back in Scarborough I’ll believe it.

“It was a massive decision for me. It would have been nice to stay and be a legend at the club, because I love Scarborough Athletic.

“I spoke to my mum and dad about it and they were both against me moving.

“The time just felt right.”

Beadle has received criticism for his decision, but it has been water off a duck’s back.

“I stopped caring what people think about me a few years ago, so things like that just made me laugh,” he added.