Brazil World Cup 2014: Brazilian Soccer School Harrogate tricks - Ronaldo stepover

The Harrogate Advertiser Series has teamed up with the Brazilian Soccer School in Harrogate to bring you a series of football tricks to learn.

With the World Cup being held in Brazil, there has never been a better time to learn how to perform some of the best Samba moves.

Each week, we will be uploading a new trick to our website, and during the course of the competition there will be two pieces of skill online each week.

Go away and practice them and send in your photos to or tweet @EdWhite2507 or @AckrillSport

Here’s the profile of our first young BSS player giving the opening lesson, the Ronaldo stepover:

Name: Harry Gray

Age: 5

Your best football position: Striker

Team you play for: Pannal Sports

School Attended: St Peters, Harrogate

Who is going to win the World Cup: Portugal

Favourite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Tell something interesting about yourself: I have a photographic memory

Favourite joke: Why did the cow cross the road? …… To get to the mooootorway.

How long have you been training with BSS Harrogate? One year

How many sessions per week do you train with BSS Harrogate? Five