World Cup 2014: Brazilian Soccer School Harrogate skills - Robinho Stepovers

The Harrogate Advertiser series has teamed up with the Brazilian Soccer School in Harrogate to bring a collection of tutorials to learn the skills of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Ten-year-old Will Hugill is the latest Harrogate star to provide a silky soccer move, as he performs the Robinho Stepovers.

Each week we will be uploading a new video, filmed by Red Lime Studios, to our website.

During the course of the competition there will be two pieces of skill online each week.

Go away, practice them and send in your photos to or tweet @EdWhite2507 and @AckrillSport

Here’s the profile of our third young BSSH player:

Name: Will Hugill

Age: 10

Your best position: Midfield

Who is going to win the World Cup: Brazil

Favourite Player: Messi

Tell something interesting about yourself: I support Burnley and my favourite Clarets player is Kieran Trippier. I have got a season ticket for Burnley next year so if you watch ‘Match of the Day’ look out for me in the crowd - I’ll be the one jumping up and down when Burnley score!

Favourite joke: What’s the difference between pea soup and roast beef? Well, anyone can roast beef!

How long have you been training with BSS Harrogate? Three years

How many sessions per week do you train with BSS Harrogate: Seven

Missed the first skills? Watch them now:

The Ronaldo Stepover

The Adriano Triangle

A special thanks to the Video team at Red Lime Studiosfor this feature. View the website at