Youth fire scheme opens

NEW recruits are being sought to join up for the Young Firefighter Scheme at Tadcaster fire station.

Station Manager Bob Hoskins told the News that they now have vacancies for the project which sees teenagers tackle all aspects of being a firefighter.

“Recruits are needed for our the start of the scheme in September,” he said.

“We show them around the station and get them to do various tasks.

“It leads to a BTec qualification in fire fighting and we have just seen some recruits qualify.”

Station Manager Hoskins added: “It gives us a chance to integrate into the community and teach young people about the fire service and get the fire safety message across.”

Young people aged 14 to 18 can join up for the scheme which sees weekly sessions held at the Tadcaster Fire Station on Thursdays from 7-9pm.

The new scheme is due to start in the first week of September and anyone interested can contact Tadcaster Fire Station on 01937 832223, before 1pm, for an application pack.