Letter: Sainsburys - Three cheers for Rob and the team

The newly reopend Tadcaster bridge.
The newly reopend Tadcaster bridge.

I think the people of Tadcaster should say a massive thank you to Rob Hainsworth, the manager of Sainsburys in Tadcaster and his members of staff.

During the last 13 months of the bridge closure they have received little recognition for all they have done for the community.

I realise that Sainsburys is a massive national company and can withstand losses more easily than the small businessman on the high street, but they have certainly gone above and beyond to support the town of Tadcaster and its people.

Sainsburys has stayed open despite its car park being nearly empty on many occasions and kept its normal working hours to accommodate those people who were able to shop there.

Rob and his staff have really helped the community of Tadcaster over the last 13 months by involving themselves in the events of the town – providing goody bags for the carnival and actually selling tickets on the gate, providing mince pies, cake and sweets for the Christmas Cheer with the Big Band from Tadcaster Grammar School and working with their chosen charity for the year, the Tadcaster Voluntary Car Service Association to give out hampers to the needy at Christmas.

These are just a few of the many things they have been involved with.

I was delighted to see the car park full again on Friday and at the weekend with people returning to shop at Sainsbury’s.

I spoke to Rob on Saturday and he said that it’s not just about the money, being a store and providing a shopping service, but they are a part of the Tadcaster community and as such are always willing to help where they can.

All our Tadcaster businesses need a vote for thanks for staying open and providing a service for us all. Where would we have been without their perseverance and loyalty?

Sainsburys has never really received any recognition and I think Rob and his staff deserve a mention.

Wendy Binns

Publicity officer for Tadcaster Grammar School

Publicity officer for the

Tadcaster Carnival Committee