Letter: Review Harrogate’s pedestrian crossing timings

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Safety review urgently needed

Timings of lights on at least some well-used crossings in Harrogate ought to be reviewed for safety.

An example is the crossing from Bettys on West Park/Parliament Street to the cenotaph.

The lights here are green for pedestrians for a very short time that is for some slower walkers insufficient to reach the other side before the lights change.

The problem is worse during busy periods as the wait is so long that a throng of people often gathers causing longer crossing times.

Of more concern is the long delay before the lights turn green again for pedestrians.

I have seen on many occasions the frustration of waiting pedestrians resulting in risky crossings in the face of approaching vehicles and periods when no traffic is approaching resulting in everyone crossing only for the lights to go red for the traffic leading to frustration for drivers having to stop when no-one is crossing.

There is plenty of room on West Park for vehicles to queue for a bit longer and in any case they can only move on a short distance into the queues for the lights further down Parliament Street.

This is only one example of similar timings at other crossings and I suggest the timings ought to be reviewed to improve safety.

Dr CR Coggins

Clarence Drive, Harrogate