Letter: Rail network


Single track can work well

I refer to two letters in the Harrogate Advertiser on October 10. One of your correspondents is recommending restoring the railway line between Hammerton and Poppleton to double track.

Historically the line between Knaresborough and Cattal and Hammerton and Poppleton was reduced from double to single track in the early 1970s.

The A59 bridge at Poppleton was replaced later in the 70s to straighten the road. At this time the line was single track and therefore the bridge was designed to accomodate this.

It would cost approximately £5m to make suitable alterations to the bridge to allow double track. There is no reason why the line cannot run a half hourly service efficiently with this single track.

There are examples of half hourly train services which run successfully around the country on single track, eg Exeter to Exmouth. This line has fully automated signals and level crossings.

In any case the plans for the line include restoring double track between Knaresborough and Cattal.

With reference to the problem at Skelton junction there will no longer be an issue when the line is upgraded as it will run through the existing goods yard, coming into York station from the south to a new platform (no.12).

Martin Leather

York Road