Letter: Menwith Hill - Prime-time visit a good idea

Menwith Hill
Menwith Hill

Prime-Time visit a good idea

In 40 years of residence in the Harrogate area, I have never spoken to anyone who shares Lindis Percy’s views of Menwith Hill. If she thinks a fee of £7.50 is hefty, which word would she use to describe the thousands of pounds spent over the years on policing her demonstrations at the base?

I commend the Prime-Time organisers for giving the people an opportunity to visit the base. It should be interesting and informative. In my experience the people who attend Prime-Time events are intelligent enough to be open-minded, to listen carefully, ask good questions and weigh up all they are told or not told. They are quite capable of forming their own opinion, without any help from L Percy.

J Ward

Wetherby Road, Harrogate