Letter: Maintenance issues on Beryl Burton cycle way ahead of Tour de France

Campaigners celebrate the opening of the Beryl Burton cycle way
Campaigners celebrate the opening of the Beryl Burton cycle way

Having recently spent £80,000 on the Beryl Burton cycle way at the Knaresborough end, it should be a facility that the town of Harrogate should be proud of.

With the ever increasing popularity of cycling and the promotion of the Tour de France, this cycle way should be the best possible advert for Harrogate.

Sadly, this is not the case as certain stretches at the Bilton end are a disgrace and positively dangerous.

The recent publicity of deaths of cyclists on our roads, caused by pot holes through lack of maintenance should alert the council and all concerned about this problem.

Given that the eyes of the world will be upon us for the Tour which will put Harrogate on the map globally.

This is a once in a lifetime’s opportunity to show the world what we can do to promote the healthy activity of cycling. Many young families use this cycle way and it will only be a matter of time before an accident happens on the appalling stretches at the Bilton Lane end.

I am sure that the great Beryl Burton would not have wished her name to be associated with such a bad stretch of this cycle way. Health and safety rules seem to have gone out of the window.

It is no great advert for cycling in Harrogate town. People will be visiting us from all over the world. Is this the best we can offer?

I realise that it is a public bridle way and that the council have no legal obligation to maintain this section of the lane.

Having spent £80,000 already and still having the job half done, it doesn’t seem right.

It would be interesting to learn how the £80,000s worth of work was tendered for and compared to what it would have cost to resurface the sections in question.

I understand that certain residents have had large sections of the road resurfaced with their own funding on the understanding that the council would maintain it but they seem to have reneged on this agreement.

Come on Harrogate, get a grip and do something about this problem. This is a special year so give us something we can be proud of in remembrance of this great occasion.

D Rowntree

St Mary’s Walk,