Letter: Diving - Watch this space in Ripon.....

Great Britain divers Chris Mears, right, and Jack Laugher. Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe
Great Britain divers Chris Mears, right, and Jack Laugher. Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe

First, congratulations to Jack Laugher on his magnificent achievement on his excellent performances in Rio. Inspirational.

Although many members of the swimming fraternity in Ripon and the surrounding area, having been trying to get our elected members at all levels up to and including the Houses of Parliament for over a decade to get a new pool, we have nothing.

Suddenly a local lad does brilliantly on the world stage and it is proposed, via the Gazette, the new pool is named after him. A noble gesture and well deserved but:

1. There is no new pool.

2. The last time that a “plan” was put forward there was no diving board included, no not even a springboard.

Watch this space.

Even the City Plan Team, whoever they are, have got into the sporting theme and in the Gazette on August 18, 2016 stated: “HBC (as reported in the press - October 15, 2015) suggests that they are currently exploring the costs of”... swimming provision as part of a wet and dry leisure facility on the Ripon Leisure Centre site on Dallamires Lane”.

Two columns later on they state: “One of the key figures that stands out is that Ripon (in September 2011) had a deficiency of outdoor sporting facilities.”

Sounds they have only been “exploring” since 2015, not quite correct, but irrespective of that, HBC are yet again planning to build a new pool (bet it’s the same old plan just dusted off) on the location of one of the few remaining soccer pitches in the city.

There are sites within the city boundaries that are not used for sporting activities at present and would be ideal for a new aquatic centre.

Seems the right hand needs to talk to the left hand.

Kenn Hart

Chairman, Ripon City 
Swimming Club