Letter: Beales development continues to split opinions in Harrogate

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We don’t need more restaurants

I have some sympathy with your readers who are less than impressed with the plans for the area currently occupied by Beales store.

Whilst it will be nice to have a modern multi-screen cinema, this will only I assume, have a negative impact on the Odeon which may well close.

What Harrogate does not need in my view is another run of the mill chain restaurant, the town is swamped with them.

How much more mediocre pasta and bland pizza can one consume?

Having recently moved to Harrogate what I observe is that whilst the town is delightful, it is lacking in high quality restaurants and there is only one very small one in my book.

Some more quality shops would be welcome by many I am sure, as for serious shopping it is Leeds or York and I guess the soon to open John Lewis in York, will be much frequented by Harrogate residents.

Fenwicks would have been a much better option than what is planned as Harrogate for example lacks a good quality but non-trendy menswear shop and a music shop to name but two.

As for putting a garish Morrison’s convenience store in the town’s main shopping precinct I can only assume that the planners took leave of their senses - it is hideous.

Dr Chris Daley

Moorland View,


We need a department store

Please - Harrogate needs a good department store such as Fenwicks or John Lewis. We already have restaurants galore and an adequate cinema. Harrogate needs to attract shoppers and at the present time, we have to travel to York or Leeds for any decent shops.

F Clayton

Yew Tree Lane,