Capturing beauty in the Wetherby skies

Stratus Clouds taken by Justin N. Koome on Monday, January 9.
Stratus Clouds taken by Justin N. Koome on Monday, January 9.

FROM: Justin N Koome, Foxhill, Wetherby

The photograph shows the beautiful scene of stratus clouds that we captured on Monday, January 9 between 7.50am and 8.30am from our house in Wetherby.

It was the usual early week school day morning. Our three children Daisy, Wendy and Ryan choose either to take their breakfast immediately after waking up and then proceed with other preparations or prepare first, breakfast and off to school.

On the morning of January 9 they chose to take breakfast first.

While we were in the kitchen where we normally meet for the meals, we had not yet drawn the curtains, Wendy pointed out that the previous day one of their teachers at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Wetherby, had hinted to them that according to the weather forecast for the morning of January 9 there were bound to be beautiful pink stratus clouds.

Keen to check, we immediately drew the kitchen curtain and spotted the beauty in the sky.

I asked Wendy about her knowledge of the clouds and she went to their bedroom and came back with an Emma Thomson book on Felicity Wishes.

The girl Felicity had wished to be a weather girl, and the book has different stories about weather - rain or shine, windy worries, sunny style, and cloud burst.

Different clouds are explained like: cumulus as fluffy clouds that hang low in the sky when the weather is fair; cirrus as light wispy clouds that appear high in the sky when the weather is chilly; nimbus clouds as ones that appear when the rain is falling, and the stratus, which look like flat sheets of clouds accompanied by some sun shine and they can mean it’s going to rainc