Youngsters go friendly at Harewood School

A Harewood school has been awarded a prestigious award for its green initiatives for the third time.

Harewood Gateways School was the first High School in Leeds to be granted the status.

The school runs a number of green initiatives through its Environment Club, established and run by Science Teacher Dr Sara Newton.

Recycling and energy saving have long been part of the ethos across the school with recent events initiatives including a Fashion Fix fundraiser in which students were required to make clothing out of recycled material and the development of a school garden growing vegetables.

Future plans include the possibility of purchasing chickens to provide fresh eggs.

Green flag assessor, Nicole Ballantyne, said that Gateways students “have done so much eco-work, and it is so embedded, they treat it as business as usual’not a bolt-on activity.

“This is brilliant, and sustainable.

“Well done and keep up the great work.”

Gateways School Headmistress Dr Tracy Johnson, said: “We are very proud of our Green Flag status and we are delighted that we have been granted a renewal.

“Eco-awareness and sustainability are very much part of our ethos and all the students, from Early Years through to Sixth Form, have made their contribution.”