Workmen to move in on new roundabout

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Workmen are to move in to adapt a new roundabout which has caused controversy and drivers have said poses a danger since it was installed last month.

The mini roundabout on Deighton Road and Sandbeck Lane was branded an accident waiting to happen by a former beat bobby in the town and numerous complaints have been logged on social media.

A spokeswoman for Leeds City Council told the Wetherby News: “In order to address a number of issues which have arisen since the installation of the roundabout on Deighton Road and Sandbeck Lane, remedial work will take place on Sunday evening (August 13).

“The work will include repositioning the central ‘dome’ and increasing its size in order to encourage drivers to use the roundabout appropriately.”

The roundabout was part of planning conditions put in place for the new Aldi store, to ease access.

But users of the major route into town said they had seen many near misses by drivers over-shooting the roundabout and a former engineer said he had seen an accident.

The work is due to be completed in one evening, between 5pm-midnight.