Wheelchair user’s nightmare journey

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A BOSTON SPA arthritis sufferer says her life has become “absolutely horrendous” after building works near her home have made it difficult for her to get into the village.

Wheelchair user Claire Wood, 32, of West Dale, contacted the Wetherby News after becoming frustrated with the number of parked vans and cars on High Street.

wet  Claire Wood opposite Church Fields on Boston Spa High Street.  (120509M4)

wet Claire Wood opposite Church Fields on Boston Spa High Street. (120509M4)

Claire, who suffers from a rare form of arthritis and has recently fractured her ankle, says that as well as the number of cars and vans, road work signs on the pavements and a blocked path near her home have also caused her problems getting to see her doctor.

“I am relying on my chair to get to and from the village shops, GP and chemist and trying to cross the road at Deep Dale to the other side to get into the village is impossible due to the traffic, but when work cars and vans are parked on the dropped kerbs it makes it harder to get to and from one side of the road to the other.

“Normally I use the nearest path where the work is being done but it is not possible now, and when I crossed and travelled in my chair, cars and vans have been parked on the pavements.”

Claire, who has to visit her GP in Boston Spa on a regular basis and takes strong medication for her pain, fears the issue will stop her from leaving her home if it is not dealt with soon.

She said: “I am so angry.”

The Yorkshire Community Hero 2010 and charity said she had become so upset at the situation, she had written to Boston Spa parish council.

Work began earlier this year on the controversial 150-homes scheme on a greenfield site in the centre of the village.

A spokesman for Taylor Wimpey said: “We are very keen to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum and have placed signage and warnings on or near the existing carriageway and footway on the High Street while we create the access points into the site.

“As part of the first phase of the development we will be delivering a new 45-space community car park to help alleviate existing parking congestion on the High Street.

“Whilst we are doing everything we can to manage our own traffic, unfortunately the footpath on the other side of the road has also been affected by parked vehicles which have nothing to do with our site or employees.

“Once the access points to the site have been created during the next six to eight weeks, it is our intention to keep all site traffic and any parked vehicles associated with the new development within the boundaries of the site and not on the High Street.”