Village goes to lengths to help club

A generous donation from a North Yorkshire village will have a positive impact on a teenager and her group of swimmers.

Sixteen-year-old Jemima Browning has been handed a cheque for £1,000, being the proceeds from a Race Night held in Stutton Village Hall.

This money will greatly benefit Stingrays, a swimming group Jemima founded and runs for young people with disabilities.

Mike Grayson, Chairman of Stutton Village Hall Committee and Emily Tudball, Chairman of Stutton Social Committee approached Jemima to inform her that the money from the Race Night would be donated to Stingrays, as they felt it was such a worthy cause.

Jemima was asked to make a speech about Stingrays to tell the village all about the swim squad and her hopes and plans to expand and grow the group, which currently has 10 members.

“I am so overwhelmed by the amount of support Tadcaster Stingrays has received from the local community,” said Jemima.

“This incredible sum of money will have a really positive impact.

“It will ensure that my swimmers have the option to be supported through the lengthy and expensive process to become qualified to compete and we can further develop the squad.

This gives them the same opportunity as many mainstream swimmers, which is a huge goal of mine,” she added.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Stutton Village from all the Stingrays!”

Jemima started Tadcaster Stingrays at the age of 15 years old with a strong belief that “everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy sport”.

Jemima recently received The Inaugural Diana Legacy Award for her incredible work with young people.

Tadcaster Stingrays is open to young people aged between 11 and 18 with learning and physical disabilities who can already swim unaided without armbands for at least 25 metres.

The group meets at Tadcaster Community Swimming Pool each Wednesday from 6.30-7.30pm.

For more information please contact Fiona Garnett on or find Stingrays on social media (Twitter: @Tad_Stingrays; Facebook: @tadcasterstingrays).

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