VIDEO: Eddie Izzard on campaign trail in Wetherby today

  • Comedian Eddie Izzard takes to streets of Wetherby on campaign trail
  • He spoke out in support of Labour parliamentary candidate Veronica King
  • Elmet and Rothwell is one of 43 constituences he has visited since the campaign for the national election began

Comedian Eddie Izzard took to the streets of Wetherby today, on the campaign trail with Labour parliamentary candidate Veronica King.

He is one of several British celebrities to have spoken out publicly in support of the party, including actor Martin Freeman and comedian Jo Brand.

Comedian Eddie Izzard in Wetherby.

Comedian Eddie Izzard in Wetherby.

Speaking outside the town hall at Wetherby’s Market Place, he said: “I don’t think I can change things in a big way but I will put all my energy into it.

“I am enjoying campaigning and I do value what volunteers do. It is activism and it does make the difference.

“I want to know how it feels in Wetherby and it hurts, it does hurt, my heels have got a bit lower, but it is great.”

After lunch at Filmore and Union, Mr Izzard walked around the market square and surrounding street followed by a troop of Labour supporters.

Comedian Eddie Izzard in Wetherby.

Comedian Eddie Izzard in Wetherby.

Known for his acting as well as stand up comedy tours, Mr Izzard asked how members of the public how they intend to vote and told them why he thinks it is important.

Afterwards he took selfies with people in front of the town hall before leaving for Pudsey.

Earlier in the day he visited Colne, Grimsby, and Farsley. Since the election campaign began, Mr Izzard has been visited constituences for Labour, and Elmet and Rothwell is his 43rd.

Mr Izzard said: “I am serious about politics and I am standing for election as MP or Mayor of London in five years, and I know what hard work these people do knocking on doors.

Comedian Eddie Izzard in Wetherby.

Comedian Eddie Izzard in Wetherby.

“On the ground campaigning is great, the passion of it, and in the end we are about fairness. We only have one life and we have got to make it as fair as possible.

“I am doing well for myself and I want other people to do well. We don’t run and hide, we have to be in there to change it.”

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