UPATE: Ripon Grammar School students and staff return home after Paris attacks

Terror attacks in Paris
Terror attacks in Paris

A group of Ripon Grammar School students and staff who were in Paris on an art trip during the deadly terror attacks on Friday evening, November 13. have returned home.

The party of 26 sixth form students and three members of staff were staying in a hotel near the Gard du Nord when ‘three coordinated teams’ of Isis terrorists killed 129 people.

All of the staff and students returned home safely from the French capital on Sunday, November 15, with many back at school the following day.

However, the school’s headmaster Martin Pearman admitted some of the students were still struggling to cope with the aftermath of events and had not yet returned to school.

The pupils involved in the trip admitted that, although they were close to the attacks, they felt ‘lucky and safe’ to not be ‘directly involved’ in the terror.

A statement issued by the students said they felt ‘strong and calm’ during the Isis attacks and praised the protection of the ‘reassuring’ hotel and teachers.

Ripon Grammar School issued a statement on Saturday stressing that the group was safe following the deadly terror attacks in the French capital on Friday night.

A further statement from Mr Pearman said staff and students had taken part in an art class in the hotel on Friday afternoon.

He explained that the group would walk to the Gare du Nord this morning (Sunday) to catch the Eurostar to London.

He said: "The train departs at lunchtime. Staff and students hopefully get to Ripon late afternoon as scheduled originally.

"My thanks to the staff and students for their calm approach during a very difficult time."