Shower charge is “ridiculous”

wet. The new Moto service station in Wetherby. GS1209082c.
wet. The new Moto service station in Wetherby. GS1209082c.

LORRY drivers who use Wetherby Moto Services say they are angry at a decision to only let them use the showers if they pay an overnight parking fee of £19.

The decision, made by Moto bosses at the end of last month, has led to a group of drivers saying they now have no access to shower facilities in Wetherby and they say the move is “absolutely disgusting”.

Now a Facebook group entitled “Boycott Wetherby Services”, condemning the decision, has gained more than 1,000 members since it was set up last month.

But bosses at Moto Services say they have been forced to take the action after the “disgusting behaviour” of a minority of drivers.

Truck driver Guy Norgate, of Bramham, 44, is calling on Moto Services to overturn the decision.

“The minority are spoiling it for the majority and we all think it is totally ridiculous.”

Mr Norgate, who has been a truck driver for more than 10 years, said the fee of £19.50 for the use of a parking permit to use the showers at the service station on the A1 (M) was unacceptable.

He added: “We have to turn up clean and presentable when we deliver, we cannot just turn up and stink.”

The Facebook group, which currently has 1,160 members, now has hundreds of messages posted on the site.

Despite the parking permit fee, the service station currently has one shower free for the public to use, with a fee of £5, a spokesman for the service station said.

Mr Norgate said: “We are willing to sit down with Moto to discuss this with them and see if we can come to a compromise, but a fiver for a shower is ridiculous. We don’t use that much water.”

“It is bang out of order. At the end of the day, as truck drivers we deliver 52 weeks a year, and everything that gets into the shops is provided by us.”

“Moto are reliant on us to use their services.”

A spate of complaints from drivers who are unhappy about the new fee have been handed to Moto about the new rule for the facilities, Mr Norgate added.

A spokesman for Moto Services said: “This decision has been forced upon us by the disgusting behaviour of a minority of drivers who habitually abuse the showers, using them as toilets, smearing excrement on the walls and washing dirty pots and pans in them.”

“We are sorry that decent, hard-working truckers are now paying the price for the actions of these individuals but we needed robust action to discourage the perpetrators and bring an end to their unacceptable habits.”

Currently, parking is free for the first two hours at the service station, with a fee of £12 for cars after this. and HGVs pay a fee of £19.50, or £21 to include a £9 food voucher.