Road safety in schools

North Yorkshire schools have received a “road safety pack” to help them teach youngsters how to stay safe on the county’s roads.

Secondary schools in the Ripon area have been sent the pack which will see incorporate learning programmes, lesson plans and projects about raod safety into next year’s timetable.

Primary schools are already part of the road safety initiative, but secondary schools have now joined in making North Yorkshire County Council one of the first in the country to incorporate road safety into both school curriculums.

County Councillor Arthur Barker, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Schools said:

“Road safety education must be integral to the daily lives of our young people and we have to help them to look after themselves in the environment in which they live, learn and travel.

“The county council’s road safety teams have always gone into schools, but they cannot be in each school all of the time. By embedding road safety into the curriculum we believe we make the best use of resources.”

Children in the county will now learn about road safety from the age of three, from the pre-school Children’s Traffic Club and a series of books and activities sent to children’s homes; to pedestrian training for 7-8 year olds; and national standard cycle training Bikeability at 10-11 years including Highway code lessons.

Now both primary and secondary schools will now link road safety issues into the curriculum by, for example, primary children planning a safe route for walking or cycling in a geography lesson and secondary students using real data on speed or the costs of running a moped or car in a maths lesson.