Harewood speed limit rubberstamped

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Editorial image

Harewood Ward councillors have been given the green light for a £4,000 scheme to reduce the speed limit along a well used rat run.

For years complaints and concerns have been voiced about the general speed of vehicles using Linton Lane, which has 30 and 40mph restrictions, as an alternative route to the A58.

But Leeds City Council this week rubberstamped a new policy for 30mph along the whole route.

Harewood ward councillor Matthew Robinson, said: “This road has become quite dangerous and much busier due to new developments in the area and the business generated by the golf club and other companies.

“There is now a continuous flow of traffic on what had been a country road.

“Much like the problems on the A659 with HGVs, these rural roads are not always suitable for such heavy use and it is an issue that we will be looking at throughout the ward as roads become busier.

“It is also pleasing that the whole community has come together including the Linton Village Society, Parish Council and local residents to ensure this was brought forward.”

Coun Robinson explained that the majority of the road has no footpath but is well used by pedestrians and cyclists, increasing safety fears.

He said that local councillors had been concerned about safety on this stretch of road for some time and are pleased that these measures are to be introduced.

Fellow Harewood councillor Ann Castle, said: “The A58 does get very busy during rush hour and this has led to Linton Lane becoming a ‘rat run’ for those in a hurry in the morning and evenings.

“I am hopeful that these speed restrictions will dissuade motorists from using it as frequently as it has been causing issues for local residents who legitimately use the road to go about their daily business.

“This new speed limit will hopefully be a boost to the local area.”

The total estimated cost of the highway works is £4,000, comprising £500 works costs and £3,500 staff fees and advertisement costs.

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