Emergency repair work

EMERGENCY repairs have been carried out at a car park at the centre of a legal battle.

Workmen from Selby District Council moved onto the Tadcaster Central Area site this week, closing it over night for the emergency work.

The Wetherby News has previously reported on the car park, the largest in the town, which residents say has been blighted by potholes and uneven road surfacing over the last year.

Selby District Council granted permission to make improvements to the car park in April last year, with plans to improve access and resurface the car park, but the plans have been challenged in court by Samuel Smith’s Brewery.

The car park closed from 6pm on Sunday January 29 to late evening on Monday January 30 to carry out “limited light maintenance repairs” after ongoing problems with underground electrical cables.

Selby District Council was granted permission to make major changes to the car park in April last year, with plans to improve access and resurfacing of the car park.

The lighting problems, however, are being dealt with separately, as these are emergency repairs to existing facilities on site.

Many residents in recent months have spoken of their concern about the ongoing problems of the Tadcaster car park.

David Stainthorpe, manager of Cycle Sense, said he was pleased work had been carried out on the lighting but this was just the beginning.

He said: “I am glad that the lights are getting fixed and that the council have listened to people like me in response to this.

“The car park is busy particularly on a night with Riley Smith Hall, people who come and use the car park in the evening could not see before as it was pitch black.

“The entrance and exit is also confusing and dangerous for people if there is no lighting so it definitely does need fixing.”

A spokesman for the council said: “The car park has been closed to carry out emergency repairs to the lighting, but because of the current legal action surrounding our plans for the car park we won’t be able to make the other improvements we think are necessary.”

“We’re only able to make the minimum of repairs at this stage.”

The council must now wait for a judicial review on its decision to grant permission before it is known whether the work can take place, but the lighting problems are being dealt with separately, as these are emergency repairs.

Last year, the lighting failed at the car park, and generators were put in place, but the council has organised this work as a longer-term solution.

Tom Cropper, shop worker at Cycle Sense, said: “The car park needs sorting out, the potholes in particular are atrocious and particularly for older people walking across at night.

“I know it is a free car park, but it is not in very good condition at the moment.”

A Council spokesman confirmed action had to be taken in direct response to concerns raised within the local area.

Samuel Smith’s were unavailable for comment at time of going to press.

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