Bus bosses to bring cuts plans to town

NAWN. The Transdev Bus to Harrogate. 110728AR1pic3.
NAWN. The Transdev Bus to Harrogate. 110728AR1pic3.

A consultation on proposals to cut bus services in the area will now be stopping in Wetherby, it was announced this week.

A drop-in session will now take place next Thursday as part of an overall review by public transport coordinator Metro, who originally held the nearest meeting at Seacroft last month.

Cuts to services to the 770 and X99 bus routes are being proposed.

If introduced the plans will affect evening and Sunday routes, which run through a number of villages including Bardsey, Collingham, Thorp Arch, Boston Spa and Thorner.

But, campaigners in the town have launched a petition in protest against the cuts, which were revealed in the News last month.

The petition, which was set up by Wetherby bus user Paul Kirby, has gathered more than 100 signatures since it was set up last week.

Mr Kirby told the News: “I set up the petition to show that the bus service matters to people and that people do need them.

“We especially need a Sunday evening service from Leeds.

“This will have a big affect on local businesses as there will be fewer evening visitors to the town, which will mean fewer customers.”

Mr Kirby added that the petition would then be given to Wetherby ward councillor Alan Lamb, who is supporting the campaign.

Coun Lamb told the News: “It is quite clear that the residents of Wetherby do not enjoy the same level of service as others do in other parts of the city.

“If the cuts go ahead it will be devastating for those people.

“A lot of people do use their cars in Wetherby but for those that use the bus it is a lifeline for them.”

Speaking at the start of the review process in July 2011, Metro Chairman, Coun, James Lewis said: “This Government has reduced the funding received by West Yorkshire’s Councils by hundreds of millions of pounds, which in turn means Metro has less to spend on bus services. We will be consulting local people extensively to ensure that we reduce the impact of these changes as far as we can.”

The consultation drop-in session will take place next Thursday, February 14, between 10am and 2pm at Wetherby Town Hall.