MPs for Scarborough and Whitby, Thirsk and Malton tell Highways England to think again about dualling A64

060717 Traffic on the   A64  approaching the Hopgrove junction on the outskirts of York
060717 Traffic on the A64 approaching the Hopgrove junction on the outskirts of York

Five Yorkshire MPs - including Robert Goodwill and Kevin Hollinrake - have written to Highways England to express “grave concerns” about its assessment of the need and value for money of a proposed dual carriageway between Hopgrove and Barton Hill on the A64.

They are demanding urgent answers as to why the evaluation has gone from medium to low - and said improvements to the busy roundabout on the outskirts of York - will not the solve the problem.

In the letter, signed by Robert Goodwill, MP Scarborough & Whitby, Julian Sturdy, MP York Outer, Nigel Adams, MP Selby & Ainsty and Sir Greg Knight MP East Yorkshire, Mr Hollinrake said: “It makes no logical sense that your initial business case concluded that further improvements to the Hopgrove roundabout resulted in better value for money than the dualling of the A64 carriageway between Hopgrove and Barton Hill.”

He points to Highways England’s own A64 Hopgrove Feasibility Study which clearly made the case that “the root cause of the issues at the location is not related to the performance of the Hopgrove junction.

“Instead the delays that are observed on the approaches to the junction can be attributed to the blocking back from the merge from dual to single carriageway on the A64 approximately 500m north east of the Hopgrove junction.”

Mr Hollinrake said: “This confirms what everyone knows to be true; long lines of traffic along this stretch of the A64 are created by the bottleneck due to two lanes merging into one further along the A64 from the Hopgrove roundabout.

“This means making improvements to the roundabout alone will not solve the problem.”

The MPs also point out that these traffic problems which are already causing huge delays to their constituents, businesses and hundreds of thousands of tourists are set to get worse.

The A64 Hopgrove Feasibility Study estimates that traffic will grow by up to 28% by 2035 and they argue that “it is unthinkable that this situation would gradually worsen over a period of 11 years until we saw any improvement.”

They also argue that the dualling of the A1237 York Northern Ring Road, which is soon to be approved under the Major Road Network programme, the creation of thousands of new jobs by Sirius Minerals and GCHQ along with thousands of new homes in areas that rely on the A64 is expected to substantially increase the volume of traffic in the years ahead.

The MPs are clear that the Hopgrove Roundabout flyover improvements (£135m), which were originally proposed by Highways England, will not solve the long tailbacks.

They said the dual carriageway (£120-£250m) which has the support of the A64 Growth Partnerships including the Local Enterprise partnerships, NYCC and Ryedale DC and businesses will significantly reduce traffic issues and journey times and make a huge difference to the regional economy.

They are appealing to Highways England to revisit its business case for the dual carriageway and recommend that it is included in the next road investment period from 2020 to 2025.