Tools donated to aid Africa

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A recent appeal by Churches Together in Wetherby, Linton and Collingham resulted in two full van loads of surplus tools being delivered to Tools with a Mission (TWAM) to send to Africa and other developing world nations.

Spokesman Chris Bishop said: “We are delighted by the response we received.”

The organising team received old but serviceable tools including hammers, screwdrivers and saws of all shapes and sizes, spanners, wrenches and other mechanics tools, gardening equipment, and power tools.

The tools will go to TWAM’s base in Coventry, where they will be cleaned, checked and refurbished, then sorted into kits for a variety of trades including carpentry, building and construction, electrical work, gardening, motor mechanics, plumbing, sewing and haberdashery.

These are given to tradespeople in poorer areas of Africa who are otherwise unable to afford to buy a full set of tools.

Once equipped, they can provide a valuable service to their local community and often offer employment opportunities to others.

Chris, Chairman of Churches Together, added: “Those who donated were pleased that their old tools would receive a new lease of life in such a worthwhile way. For some, an unforeseen benefit was the space they’d reclaimed in their garage or shed.”