Tockwith speed watch mark 100

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Tockwith Community Speed Watch group completed their 100th deployment.

The North Yorkshire Police scheme is run by local residents who volunteer their time to monitor the speed of traffic travelling through their village, to deter speeding motorists and help keep their village safe.

Drivers found to be travelling in excess of the signed speed limit have their details recorded by the group, who then pass the information on to North Yorkshire Police.

Advisory letters are then sent to the registered keepers of the vehicles. First and second time offences will result in an advisory letter warning the driver to adjust their driving behaviour. If a third offence is recorded, officers from North Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Group attend the address of the driver.

Through the deployment of the group, Tockwith has seen a noticeable reduction in the number of vehicles speeding through the village and have in the last month, recorded no people speeding on four separate occasions.

Across their 100 deployments they have seen a total of 313 vehicles that have exceeded the speed limit, resulting in 256 of these being processed and actioned.

North Yorkshire Police Community Speed Watch Coordinator, Jamie Smith said: “Tockwith is the first group that has reached 100 deployments.

“Through their dedication and support, the village has seen a real difference in the behaviour of the drivers travelling through.

“Vehicles now travel at a much slower speed, in anticipation of seeing the group members. From the 256 offences processed, 243 of these have been first letter recipients, showing that the scheme is effective in making drivers more aware of their speed. Thank you to the Tockwith team for their continued enthusiasm and passion.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about Community Speed Watch and whether it would be suitable, information is available on the Community Speed Watch page of the North Yorkshire Police website at:

Anyone with concerns about a road that would benefit from police action, can report this at: