Ten most popular services used in Harrogate

NADV 1407151AM4 Montpellier Hill. (1407151AM4)
NADV 1407151AM4 Montpellier Hill. (1407151AM4)

Recent research conducted by the local services finder ‘Bark.com’, has revealed that Harrogate is one of the most pet crazy towns going.

1. At number one with TV repair services, we saw that everyone here in Harrogate can’t bear to tear themselves away from the box. And who can blame us when it’s Bake Off season?

2. In second place, Harrogate proved itself to be the pooch palace with dog training as the next most popular service paid for.

3. Once again, we showed that technology is our fifth limb here in the town with phone or tablet repairs being ordered in at a close third.

4. In the running at fourth place was pet grooming, proving the point that us Harrogatians have either too much time on our hands or just buckets of pet pride.

5. But we proved ourselves to be loving and caring folk with pet sitting still in the top five services paid for, showing that no Harrogate furry friend went unattended this summer holiday.

6. At number six was handyman services. Are we all clumsy and prone to breaking our belongings or just out-right unlucky?

7. Would you have it that in the top ten services was personal training at number seven - with many people of the town taking a very large amount of pride in their own appearance as well as their pets? We never would have guessed it...

8. Clearly a sentimental bunch as well though with engraving coming in at number eight.

9. The budding growers and green-fingered guys that just don’t have time made the hit list too - gardening services made a strong appearance at ninth place.

10. And finally, home to some of the most beautiful homes and expensive properties in the country it comes as no surprise that house cleaning was the tenth most popular service in Harrogate!

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