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IT sessions: at the library on Station Road on Saturday, January 18 from 10am-noon. It will cover further word processing. For more details contact the library on 0845 034 9542.

Yoga classes: whether you’re 18 or 80, male or female, British Wheel of Yoga classes in Hatha Yoga classes are a safe and effective form of exercise for body and mind. Classes, for beginners and upwards, are in the Boys Sunday School (by St Mary’s Church) on Fridays from 10-11.30am. Fees are £30 for five sessions, or £7 a session. For more details contact Julie Lumley, by phone on 01937 830925 or by email to yogawithjules@yahoo.co.uk

Wiggle n giggle: this weekly class offers you dance exercise in a friendly atmosphere, with clear, easy-to-follow, instructions. It’s held in the Boys Sunday School on Tuesdays from 10-11am. Over 55s are especially welcome. The cost is £3.50 a week: there’s no need to book. For more information please contact Viv Bolton on 07931 508444.

Ceroc Freestyle night: on Friday, January 24 at the Riley-Smith Hall. It runs from 8pm-midnight and entry is £8. The main hall downstairs has dance classics. Upstairs in the Supper Room beginners can go for ‘taster tips and tricks’ from 8.30-9.30pm, and from then till midnight everyone can just chill out there. There’s no need to book, just pay on the door. For more details phone 07540 159 658, email dance@cerocyorkshire.com, or look on the web at www.cerocyorkshire.com.

Community Engagement Forum: is set up and funded by the district council and brings them together with the police, the fire and rescue service, and various county council departments. Forum meetings give the public a chance to speak directly to the people who deliver our local services, for example policing, street cleaning and road safety, and to have a say about any important local issues. The next meeting isn’t till March, but the Partnership Board, a business meeting which is open to the public, next meets on Monday, January 20 in The Ark on Kirkgate.

Budget consultation: Selby District Council is consulting with those living in the district about how they spend our money, and the 2 per cent council tax increase that they’re proposing for next year. What we say will help to shape the budget, which will be decided in February. The consultation runs until January 27. Over recent years the council has delivered savings of around £3.5m. This has been achieved through significant changes to the way the organisation works, as well as a continuing focus on driving through efficiencies to make the most of each and every taxpayer’s pound. During this time council tax has remained on hold, at an average of £158.88 per household. However, the council still faces a tough economic climate, with expected further reductions in central Government funding in the future. Their plans also include taking about £4m from reserves, more than half of it for the Programme for Growth which includes the new leisure centre being built in Selby to replace Abbey Leisure Centre, which burned down over a year ago. You can find out more from their website at www.selby.gov.uk/service_main.asp?menuid=&pageid=&id=1800, You can take part in the consultation by phoning them direct, by emailing them at communications@selby.gov.uk, or by writing to: Budget consultation, Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby YO8 9FT. The council is at pains to point out that they collect council tax on behalf of all the local authorities, and that they keep only about 10 per cent of what we pay them.