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Library Christmas closing: the public library on Station Road will be closed from 5pm on Christmas Eve and reopen at 9am on Thursday, January 2.

Town council office Christmas closing: the town council office in The Ark on Kirkgate will be open on Monday, December 23 for its normal hours of 9.30am-12.30pm. It will then be closed for Christmas, reopening on Thursday, January 2 from 9.30am-12.30pm as usual. The office is not open on Fridays anyway, so it will return to the usual four days a week opening on Monday, January 6. If anyone needs to contact their town or district councillors while the office is closed, contact details for them are on the council’s noticeboards, in every issue of the council’s newsletter, and on the council’s website at www.tadcastertowncouncil.co.uk

New Year’s Eve at Tadcaster Social Club: the party to see in the new year will feature a live band, The Collective. Tickets are £5 each. More details from the club, phone 01937 833498 or email girdard@gmail.com.

The Alternative: regular events at The Alternative on Chapel Street (known to many of us as the Salvation Army) include breakfast drop-in, open to all, on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8-10am, Tiny Tots on Wednesdays from 9am-noon, and a drop-in coffee morning on Thursdays from 9am-1pm. Wny not combine the Thursday coffee morning with a visit to the Thursday open market in the social club car park, just around the corner?

Town council merit award: the town council gave a merit award to Joe Scrancher at their meeting in early December. This was given in recognition of his long term service and dedication to giving help, advice, and assistance, especially to the elderly in and around the Woodlands estate. Over the years. Joe has been a real champion of the people in his neighbourhood, pushing all sorts of issues, especially cracked district council level and serving on a number of committees to represent his neighbours. Even at the meeting where he was given this award, he mentioned one district council issue, to do with the replacement of gas fires in council managed homes with electric fires, and the question of how people would cope if there was a prolonged power cut.

Coastliner bus services: local residents have raised with the town council the problems caused by the changes by the Coastliner winter schedule. Although there are still four services from the town to Leeds and York during the day, none of these now goes along Leeds Road, as they all go around the Woodlands estate. The residents of Popplewell Springs felt that the withdrawal of the service past their homes isolated many of them, as they are not now so well able to get into the town or to receive visitors. There are also many other nearby residents who were disappointed by the withdrawal of the bus service without any consultation or notice. A petition had attracted around 450 signatures. Concern had also been expressed that new bus shelters had been put on Leeds Road when Popplewell Springs was built, partly funded from public money, and that these were now not being used. The town council recently set up a meeting attended by a representative from Transdev, the company that owns Coastliner, by staff and residents from Popplewell Springs, by four town councillors, and by representatives from the churches and the Medical Centre. All the issues were fully raised. The Transdev representative said that the main reason for the changes had been to do with timing bus services at regular intervals, and that there had been an increase in passenger numbers from the Woodlands estate. The service was run as a purely commercial venture with no public subsidy, unlike the other bus services in the town. The timetable could not be changed straight away for legal reasons. He would raise all the concerns expressed with his own company management and report back to the town council. The petition was also sent to Transdev to support the arguments made. The town council would also ask Nigel Adams, our MP, for his support.

Police report: the police reported to the last town council meeting a number of crimes that had taken place in the town during November. These included three burglaries within the course of one week. Two of these are what the police call “2 in 1 burglaries”, where the criminals break into a house purely to steal the keys to a car in the drive, and then take the car. The offenders for one of these two burglaries have been caught and will be dealt with in due course, but there are no suspects for the other of these although the car has been recovered. The police do urge all of us to keep our property secure and not to make it any easier for would be criminals to enter our homes or property.

Planning applications: planning applications which the town council have recently been asked to comment on include the renovation of the windows in the Old School House on St Joseph’s Street with more modern units, the erection of a two storey extension to a house in Eastfield Close, and extensive roof repairs to some John Smith’s Brewery properties that are listed buildings.