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Visit of Claire the Psychic: York-based clairvoyant and medium Claire is making a return visit to Tadcaster Social Club on Monday, February 25 at 7pm. She was a sensation when she appeared there last June. Admission is by ticket only, they are available from the club on Chapel Street at £8 in advance, or on the door at £10. You can reserve places by e-mailing girdard@gmail.com.

Tadcaster Theatre Company: the company are holding their AGM on Tuesday, February 19 in the Boy’s Sunday School Room at 7pm. After the meeting members will continue rehearsing for their Spring Cabaret on March, 20 to March 23, and anyone not involved in the rehearsal will be welcome to stay and watch.

Tadcaster Men’s Forum: the forum has hosted two local speakers at their recent meetings. Jean Hardy spoke about how the country’s habits, expectations and morality have changed since the days of Queen Victoria. At the next meeting the speaker was a regular member of the forum, Malcolm Galloway. As the parish church organist and choirmaster, he did not surprise his audience with his choice of subject, ‘My Music’. More surprising was his decision to trace the fact that, in music as well as in other experiences in life, there is a repetition of key events at the various stages in our existence. He illustrated his talk on the piano, with excerpts from Richard Rodgers, JP Sousa, and many others.

Town Directory to go online: the town council has decided to make the Town Directory (or Town Guide as it is now called) an online-only publication. Five editions have been printed since the first in 1994, and the latest (2008) is well out-of-date. Advertising paid for the early editions but the revenue for a 2012 or 2013 edition wasn’t going to be enough to cover all the costs, and the council decided not to subsidise it any longer. A newer version of the guide is already available on the town council’s website http://www.tadcastertowncouncil.co.uk/Core/Tadcaster-TC/Pages/Tadcaster_Town_Guide_3.aspx), and the information there will be kept up-to-date as far as possible.

A new PCSO for Tadcaster: we have a new Police Community Support Office. PCSO Glen Cooper, who previously worked in Brotherton, has taken over from Kelly Vause, and has been getting to know the town. You can contact him by email at glen.cooper@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk. We wish him and Kelly well in their new posts.

Open Mic Night at Tadcaster Social Club: there’s another Open Mic night on Friday, February 22 at the club on Chapel Street. As before, this is the night for all musicians, poets, singers, mime artists (and Cliffy) to perform. Get yourself along to the night and have fun watching singing, playing or performing. It starts at 8.30pm and it’s free.

Tadcaster Jive Freestyle night: the next freestyle night is on Friday, February 22 at the Riley-Smith Hall, from 8pm till midnight. Entry is £8, with dancing downstairs and upstairs, a licenced bar, and socialising. No need to book, pay on the door. For more details phone 07773 013847, email dance@cerocextra.com, or look on the web at www.cerocyorkshire.com.

Churches’ Lent series: Churches Together in Tadcaster are arranging a series of five Lent meetings on the theme In pursuit of justice. These are at Kelcbar Community Centre on Thursdays, February 21 and 28, and March 7, 14, and 21, all at 7.30pm.

Town Council budget set: the town council has had a harder job than usual setting its budget for the coming year, and finalised a figure at its February 5 meeting that is normally arrived at before Christmas. An indirect effect of the Government’s decision to cut council tax benefit meant that they were faced with the need to prepare in 2013/14 for an enforced saving of just over £10,000 in 2014/15. (The benefit will be cut for non-pensioners from April, but the effect on the town council’s budget is to be cushioned by a one-off grant passed down through the district council.) Every similar council in the country is affected by this change, though the effect on Tadcaster isn’t as great as on some town councils. After looking at a number of figures and their implications for the future, the council agreed to increase its budget by 2 per cent. This rise will be offset by the one-off grant to give a final figure of £103,304 to be raised from the Council tax in 2013/14, lower than in the current year.

Viaduct footpath developments: the town council has discussed two developments with the former Barnardo’s footpath. The first was a report by the county council into two queries raised by the town council, prompted by members of the public: whether the fence erected on the edge of the council’s land on the viaduct, which is a listed building, should have had planning permission, and whether work done on nearby trees, protected by a Tree Preservation Order, was done legally or not. The county’s view on the fence was that erecting it would have been considered as allowable and so didn’t need formal planning consent. Their view on the trees was that there was a technical breach of planning controls made as a result of a genuine mistake or misunderstanding, but that the long-term health of the trees wasn’t affected: no action needed to be taken. The second development concerned the county council’s moving to the first formal stage in having the path that was closed a year ago declared a public right of way. The council reasserted its strong support for the moves made by members of the community to have this path reopened to the public. The whole viaduct footpath is seen as a useful link between the two sides of the river for people going to work, going to school, or just walking for recreation. Its value had been shown in the September floods when the town had no high-level route across the river and temporary arrangements had to be made.